World Economic Forum – The Davos Farce

The world economic forum is cram jam full of those spending other people’s money and talking, very largely, out of an orifice other than their mouth.  The money might be more usefully spent feeding the poor or helping the oppressed rather than just talking about it in a vastly expensive fashion. It also rather amuses me that the celebs and minor celebs have caught onto this ridiculous gig big time – actresses with large sorrowful eyes pushing topics they know nothing about. As well as the ex presidents and politicians and awful bankers.

Our attitude towards “economic growth” is another of our problems. GDP growth, GNP growth, stock market growth, bond issuance growth, more cars, more factory output, more housing, more roads, more airports….and all for what? 

Are we as a society, a race any happier? Are we any better in terms of our treatment of others? Are we more moral, more caring? What about those sort of measures? Should we not be measuring economic growth in terms of how it betters us as a race? Makes us more caring, more just, more altruistic?

We have made a stinking mess out of our planet thanks to economic growth. Of course we need medicines, houses, food but perhaps we also need to consider whether we need 7 billion humans fouling up the planet?

Alongside care of the dispossessed and the sick and poor and needy we should be offering incentives to rapidly reduce our population and increase diversity on this once beautiful rock in the middle of nowhere.

Decommission a few airports, grass over a few runways. Plant brown sites with trees and grass and flowers . Reduce our expenditure, cut our output. Save our precious minerals and carbon fuels.  Introduce radical new plans to increase happiness, health and satisfaction. And save our precious planet.

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