Tim Sykes, Penny Stocks -WTF?


Here’s the thing my friend. I have been back testing and trading for many years. Admittedly, Quantconnect is very new to me and I have made an error or two along the way. But you know I always, but always get some sort of very obvious feel for the efficacy of a trading methodology right from the first few backtests.  If your chart patterns had been SO good, would they not have shined through in back testing I wonder? Is it SO difficult to back test buying momentum or shorting it? Even on penny stocks. Even for day trading.  Is it SO difficult to program buying a dip? Or indeed any other pattern.

Thing is Timmay, whichever way I have turned, whatever parameters and variables I have used, I have been presented with a disastrous outcome.  In the vast majority of my many, many tests, losing trades have greatly outnumbered winning trades and the size of the average loss has almost invariably been greater than the size of the average win.

Now the odd thing is that you report the exact opposite for your trades. I wonder how this is possible using “normal” technical indicators to choose penny stock trades?

It may well be of course that I have messed up. That I have failed to understand what it is you are doing. It may be that my coding is faulty.  If that is so, reach out to me: help me correct the error of my ways. I may even be able to help you in return.

I wonder whether my understanding of your methods would improve if I spent many thousands of dollars on your products and many hundreds of hours watching your videos?  Who knows!

Trouble is, I worry for some of your clients. I have not been able to understand your methods and I have spent well over 30 years analyzing, trading and investing in financial markets. I’m not your average Jo, Timmay.

But there again perhaps you have your magic, Timmay. Perhaps you and your mates are “crushing it” and the failure is mine in not understanding how.

In any event, its goodbye from me Timmay.

I am sure there are ways to profit from penny stock trading and I just need to think how.  For my own purposes I will be concentrating on patterns which may enable me to predict stock price appreciation before it happens. It does no good at all to jump on the band wagon one the game becomes obvious.

BackTests may be found at Quantconnect.

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