Hot Chili — A Stock Trading Bot

Free Tier Now Offered

What we have created is no less than a “Trading Bot”. All the hard work is done for you and all that is left for you to do is to create your own trading system.

The framework is all there — using Zipline ( a powerful back testing and live trading engine) you can back test your strategies over past data and check out how they might have performed. And then let the Bot loose to trade your ideas in the market.

You get your own virtual computer in the cloud, loaded with all you need to create powerful trading strategies.

Better still, the real hard work of connecting up to brokers’ APIs is all done for you. You can set your Bot running, right now, executing automated trades for you through Interactive Brokers. The hook up is all done, the code is right there. Wind it up, tell it what to do and let it go trade for you.

So, if its a trading Bot you are looking for, here it is. Unlike so many products offered out there, its not a single system product. It does not “just” trade trends or “just” look for opening gaps. It will do anything you tell it to — just code it up and let it go.

Use any IDE you want — you are no longer restricted to the feeble on-line IDEs provided by the competition. You can get to the very heart of your system and follow its execution line by line through the Zipline code.

And it runs in the cloud — no worries about hosting software on a domestic server and hoping the internet connection won’t drop. The AWS server Hot Chili boxes run on keep running. come what may.

Of course there will be glitches, of course the system and the substrate and infrastructure it runs on will have its hiccups — so check in and see that all is running according to plan. But its all there for you, all set up in the cloud. All ready to go.

Note that we are not regulated and do not offer financial advice or fund management services. We provide software for you to go and do your thing. Slick cloud based software for you to program your own trading bot.

Live long and prosper.

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